I’m a Machine Learning Scientist at Glassdoor and a PhD candidate in the Department of Linguistics at University of Maryland, advised by Jeff Lidz and Norbert Hornstein. I am also a Language Science Fellow in University of Maryland’s Language Science Center. For more information about my research, see my research page.

Outside of work and linguistics, I enjoy tinkering with computers as well as teaching others about computers. I’ve put together materials for a LaTeX workshop, loosely aimed at linguists, which I’ve taught several times. I’ve also put together materials for a git workshop, loosely aimed at scientists who do human subjects research, which I’ve taught once over the course of 7 weeks.

I also enjoy snowboarding, backpacking, and hiking. And I really like coffee. I worked as a barista, off-and-on, for a few years at the Dunn Bros at the Smith Douglas More House, now known as Smith.

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